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Who is Berk Gümüşterazili?



Founder & Designer

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''In all of our closets, there are garments we haven't worn in a long time but can't seem to part with. Even if they're worn out, we can't let go of them because they hold memories. Re-berk gives your memories a second life.''

What is Re-berk?

Re-berk is an upcycling project that repurposes customers' old clothes. Through this system, clothes that customers intend to throw away are transformed into contemporary designs unique to them and returned to their closets.

We value

The fashion industry ranks second among the most polluting sectors in the world. 95% of discarded clothes can have a second life. That's why we aim to make a lasting impact on the world by recycling more.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of turning waste materials or old products into items that are more valuable or useful. Instead of directly recycling waste products, creative methods are used to transform them into new products or processes. This helps to reduce the amount of waste while also minimizing environmental impact.

Our Practices

All of our products are crafted using old garments. Therefore, we organize campaigns to encourage the donation of old clothes rather than their disposal. We clean these garments, separate any worn-out areas, and transform them into design products with minimal waste production.

If everyone bought one used product this year instead of new, here's what we could save:

2.5 Billion

Tons of CO2

Half a million cars taken of the road for a year

11 Billion

kWh Energy

Enough to light up the Eiffel Tower for 141 years

25 Billion

Gallons of Water

Enough to fill up 38 thousand Olympic pools

203 Thousand

Tons of Waste

The weight of 37 million elephants  

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