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The Re-Order form helps us determine your preferences and requests. You upload information such as your body measurements and 3 old clothes to the system. By analyzing this information, we create a special design for you from the combination of the clothes you send, draw a realistic sketch and send it to you.

If you like the design, you send us your old clothes and we begin the sewing process. This way, you will have a specially designed garment that suits your size and style.


Design Fee: 500₺

It is taken as a prepayment when submitting the form to create the design and draft drawing. It is not refundable.

Sewing Fee

If you approve the design to be sent to you, the sewing fee will be charged separately depending on the product type you choose to transform your clothes.

Dress ________________ 2000₺

Skirt _________________ 1800₺

Sweatshirt ____________ 1500₺

Trousers _____________ 2000₺

I leave it to the designer _ 2000₺

Get started

Which one makes you feel better?
Which one is more important to you?
Select areas of your body that you're not happy with.
Enter your body measurements
Upload Photo
Upload photos of your 3 old garments
Do you have a specific type of product in mind for the transformation of your garments?
Note: The sewing fee will be collected if the design is approved by you.

Form have been sent. Thank you!

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